GG Shinn Has Passed Away

After several months of ill health, GG Shinn has succumbed to his ailments. One of the great showman in Swamp Pop Music, he had the unique talent of being able to hold a room in the palm of his hands – no mater their age.

“RIP GG Shinn, G.g. Shinn. Where do I begin. My thoughts first go to his wife Sandra, Curt ShinnGiGi Shinn and the rest of his family. May God shine his eternal light on all of you.
I first started working at GG’s club in 2004 and stayed for 8 years, until 2011. I remember his commitment to excellence when performing. Always be clean shaven, wear nice clothes, no holes in your clothes, be on time, rehearsals once a month, and things like that. He always believed that people would always come to see professional looking and sounding live entertainment, and he was right! The club was very successful. His show at midnight every Saturday night was always a treat for me, the band, and the audience. That incredible voice that everyone remembers, and that unique personality!
I also remember non music stuff, like a few fishing trips where we caught a buzz, but no fish, cutting the 6 acres of grass at the club and watching the rabbits run out, repairing the dance floor, fixing the doors in the bathroom, the annual Christmas party with some very dangerous fireworks, and getting those delicious tamales down the road from the club on Saturday morning after I had slept on the sofa in the club Friday night.. I was blessed to know this man. I played bass guitar for a legend. You will never be forgotten.
I miss you already GG Shinn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” River Road’s Steve Grisaffe

“Today, we’ve lost one of our musical brothers….RIP G.g. Shinn. What a great mentor you’ve been to many musicians, including myself! We will greatly miss your insane vocal prowess! Hope to jam again on the other side someday…” Jason Parfait

“RIP G.g. Shinn.. You were a big inspiration to me and so many others, I grew up on all the Boogie Kings music, I’m proud to have known you..” Danny Collet

“Fly High GG. We have your memories with us. May God lift you up and accept you. We Love You. Thank you for being such a huge influence on all our lives. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with so many.” Tracy Menard

“An Angel just received his wings. One of my Singing Heroes and I was Blessed to be his friend. Fly On GG. You were a main influence.” Robbeaux

“I’m so saddened to hear this news and prayin’ for an easy passin’ to the other side. GG put up a hell of a fight but God just had another plan for him. We were blessed to have had him in our musical family for so many years and he will be missed by all who knew and loved him.” Jo-el Sonnier

“Rest in gods arms GG we will meet again my brother !!!” Bubba Boudreaux

It’s hard to imagine our local scene of great talent without starting at the top with G.G. Shinn! Was always such a highlight when he took the stage and guided us through his killer arrangement, on the spot, as he would lead everyone of us just where he wanted us to go in the moment of any song he delivered, breaking it down and letting you know when to dump the clutch, while he worked his magic on the crowd! He will be soooo missed by so many of us! Miss you already G.g. Shinn. The absolute best ever!! God bless you and your family,and so many friends.” Louisiana record Producer Tony Ardoin

One of the greatest vocalist in Our times passed away, GG Shinn, May his soul Rest In Peace.” Tammy Lynn

I am thankful I was given the opportunity to know him. Sing on you beautiful soul.” Charlene Howard

G.G. was a legend in every sense of the word, friend for years I worked for him and shared the stage with him for years and we will miss his great talent and his even greater spirit! Love ya boss man, it’s showtime!!” Freddie Pate