Little Girl Used Her Mom’s Amazon Account to Order Over $300 in Toys

courtesy Ria Diyaolu

Caitlin Diyaolu a 6 year old from Utah, recently asked her mom if she could go on Amazon to track a package, a Barbie doll she was getting for her birthday.

While her mom wasn’t looking, she ordered over $300 worth of additional toys, video games, and board games.  Get this… Caitlin even added on one-day shipping.

Her mom didn’t know about it until the boxes showed up the next day.  Check out a photo of Caitlin standing next to them looking all proud of herself is going viral.

courtesy Ria Diyaolu

Caitlin’s older cousin says she knew exactly what she was doing. Caitlin hasn’t been grounded, but she’s not allowed to use the Internet for a month.

Here’s the best part – instead of sending everything back for a refund, her parents are donating the toys to a children’s hospital where Caitlin stayed for a week as a baby.

Caitlin’s parents are letting her keep the original Barbie doll they ordered.