Burger King Offers 1 Cent Whoppers If You Troll McDonald’s

Burger King is trying to get people to buy their burgers by telling them to go to McDonald’s.

Bold strategy, fellas, let’s see how it pays off!


Burger King just started a new promotion yesterday where you can get a Whopper for just ONE CENT.  The only catch is you have to order it while you’re AT McDonald’s.    Here’s how it works:

Download the Burger King app, then go within 600 feet of a McDonald’s and order a Whopper on the app.  It’ll give you directions to the nearest BK where you can pick it up.

The offer is good now through next Wednesday.


Will this plan really lead to a lot of Whopper sales or will people go to McDonald’s with the plan to order a Whopper, but then just decide to eat at McDonald’s instead?