Wendy’s Will Start Serving Breakfast

Wendy’s has announced that it’s finally going nation-wide with a breakfast menu.


The new menu will include items like a burger with bacon and eggs, honey chicken biscuit sandwich, and a mix of coffee and Frosty ice cream.  The full nationwide rollout will be in 2020 and the company plans to hire 20,000 new employees to work the new morning hours.


Wendy’s® Announces Plans to Launch Breakfast Across the U.S. System in 2020

Daypart Expansion Includes Recruitment of Approximately 20,000 New U.S. Employees The Wendy’s Company announced today that it plans to launch its breakfast menu, currently available in more than 300 restaurants, across the U.S. system in 2020. The menu features signature items that takes the best of Wendy’s, from Applewood smoked bacon to the Frosty®, and creatively delivers them to fans for breakfast.