Landfill Crew Finds Woman’s Missing Engagement Ring

A Waxahachie, Texas woman called the Turkey Creek Landfill Friday afternoon after realizing she accidentally threw her engagement ring in the trash.  The woman was unaware that the ring was still in an envelope and threw it out with the garbage that was picked up that morning.  During the call about the ring, Karen Fuller, the Special Waste Coordinator at the landfill, told the woman they would try to look for it, but she shouldn’t get her hopes up.

“It’s a one-in-a-million chance of us finding that ring,” Fuller said.

Luckily, the truck carrying her garbage bag had not been dumped yet.  Despite having anywhere from 5-10 tons of trash in the truck, crews were able to search it and find the ring in about 10-minutes.  The crew cites the woman using grey trash bags as the difference-maker.

“It gave them something to look for other than white or black bags, so that helped immensely,” Brian Beam, the landfill’s assistant division manager.

The crew also says they helped a couple find their immigration documents that were accidentally thrown away the same day.

Landfill crew finds engagement ring accidentally thrown away

The landfill crew was able to find the ring within 10 minutes of searching through trash bags.