Divers Find 100 Year Old Booze From WW1 Shipwreck

Carrying a significant amount of “contraband,” Swedish steamer S/S Kyros was sunk by a German U-boat in the Baltic in May 1917.  The shipwreck was discovered in 1999, but it’s taken 20-years for exploration specialists to salvage the contraband on board.


900-bottles of booze have been retrieved from the ship, including 50-cases of cognac, and may still be drinkable.  Bottles of “De Haartman & Co” cognac and “Benedictine” were recovered in international waters between Sweden and Finland.

“The importance of this event cannot be overemphasized – it’s not only a find of rare cognac and liqueur but also a part of history of the former imperial Russia,” Ocean X Team said in a statement.

Popular Mechanics magazine says the bottles could sell for $1,000 apiece.


Shipwreck reveals its boozy treasure: Czar’s 100-year-old liquor salvaged from WW I wreck

A ship that was sunk while transporting a cargo of liquor to the last Russian Czar is revealing its boozy treasure. The Swedish steamer S/S Kyros was sunk in the Baltic by a German U-boat in May 1917 on account of her “contraband” cargo. Her crew was transferred to a nearby ship and returned to Sweden.