Men Ripped Door Off Store Just to Steal a 12-Pack of Soda

Tarrant police in Alabama are looking for 3-men who allegedly used their truck to rip the door off a convenience store just to steal a pack of soda.


Police say the men tied a chain from their white Ford Ranger to the door of the business and then pulled the door off its hinges.  One of the men went into the store, stole a 12-pack of Faygo soda and left.  The investigation into the incident is ongoing.


Tarrant police looking for men who stole 12-pack of Faygo soda

TARRANT, Ala. (WBRC) – Tarrant police are looking for three men who apparently had a thirst for the sugary soda, Faygo. Police say early Thursday morning the men came to the Big Boys convenience store on Jefferson Boulevard in a white Ford Ranger.