Popeyes Offers Free Food to Viral Family Feud Contestant

Popeyes is offering $10,000 of free food to a Family Feud Canada contestant that went viral shouting the word:


Popeye’s favourite food is… Chicken? | Family Feud Canada

What is Popeye’s favourite food? Subscribe to Family Feud Canada: https://www.youtube.com/c/FamilyFeudCanada?sub_confirmation=1 Hosted by Gerry Dee, Family F…

The question was “What is Popeye’s favorite food,” and the woman obviously confused the cartoon character with the fried chicken restaurant.  Popeyes tweeted an offer to Eve worth $10,000 of free food!


It appears that the “chicken” answer was just part of a series of failures. Check out the full video, and watch for helicopters.

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