Ragin Cajuns Baseball Kick Off Season Friday

The Louisiana Ragin Cajun Baseball team will open its 2020 Season. There will be ceremonies to commemorate the historic season. For the first time, number 36 will not be leading the Cajun Baseball team. Matt Deggs, the new head coach of the Ragin Cajun Baseball team, is the skipper. First pitch Friday is set for 6 pm against Southeastern, Saturday first pitch is scheduled for 2 pm against Louisiana Tech, and Sunday is 1 pm first pitch against Louisiana Tech again.


If you have never delved into the Coach Matt Deggs story, Coach Deggs is a native of the “blue-collar get your hands dirty” town of Texas City, Texas. He played ball but, the man would be just as comfortable speaking from a pulpit.  As Coach Tony Robichaux taught in his tenure, coaching and preaching are both teaching. Deggs has said that he is here for Coach; he credits Robichaux with saving his life, family, and career.


This weekend will be unique, there will be tears, cheers, and smiles for everyone. When public address announcer Ed Perkins starts Friday night, there will be no other place in the world at that moment for a Ragin Cajun Baseball fan.


Geaux Cajuns!


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