Coronavirus Patients in Kentucky Ordered to Wear Ankle Monitors for Refusing to Stay Home

Kentucky judges have ordered at least four people to wear GPS ankle monitors after they allegedly defied health officials’ advice to stay home.


Authorities in Louisville have struggled to get residents to comply with stay-at-home orders.  Officials have even gone so far as removing rims from public basketball courts.  WHAS-TV reported one of the people ordered to stay home had instead gone shopping.  Another person refused to sign a quarantine order despite living with a person that tested positive for COVID-19.  At least four people have been ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors, according to reports.


Kentucky judges order coronavirus patients, others to wear GPS ankle monitors for refusing to stay home

At least four people in Kentucky have been ordered by judges to wear GPS ankle monitors for allegedly defying health officials’ advice to stay home amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to reports. Judges in Louisville issued the orders as the immediate region deals with 18 coronavirus cases and seven deaths as of Tuesday, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.