President Trump Allows Navy Ship Comfort To Be Used For COVID-19 Patients

President Donald Trump said Monday that he granted New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s request to treat novel coronavirus patients on a hospital ship docked off of Manhattan.


Cuomo had told reporters earlier Monday that he was “going to call the President this afternoon and ask him to shift the (USNS) Comfort from non-Covid to Covid.”  Trump, speaking at a White House news briefing Monday afternoon, said he “was informed that Gov. Cuomo has already told you and announced he called me up a little while ago and asked whether or not it would be possible to use the ship with respect to fighting the virus. It’s set for Covid,” Trump said of the Comfort. The President also confirmed that the ship has been approved to treat New Jersey patients.


The US Navy hospital ship had originally been designated as a space for non-coronavirus patients to alleviate the pressure from New York hospitals, though Trump signaled this weekend that the ship could be used for coronavirus patients if needed.


Trump OKs Request to Put Coronavirus Patients Aboard Navy Hospital Ship

President Donald Trump moved rapidly Monday to approve a request from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make the Navy hospital ship Comfort available to treat patients with novel coronavirus — a reversal of original plans to use the ship to treat those not diagnosed with the disease.



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