Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ Turns Your House into a Race Track

Nintendo is releasing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit on October 16


The game will bring a real-world Mario Kart race into your home… literally!


Players will control actual radio-controlled cars equipped with small cameras to watch the action on the Nintendo Switch.  As the cars race around the floor, it will incorporate your home as part of the video game.  Players’ in-home course will come to life on the screen.

“Place gates and customize courses* in the real world, then see them come alive with different in-game environments like jungles and snowscapes and obstacles like Piranha Plants. Use objects from around the house to customize your courses and add challenge, then watch the game transform your home into the Mario Kart world.”


“Bring along some friends to race around your custom course in Custom Race or Grand Prix! Just make sure each player has their own Nintendo Switch system, the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game and a Mario kart or Luigi kart.”


Check out the promotional video below!


Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Official Trailer | Nintendo Direct

Turn your home into a race track with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a brand new way to experience Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch!


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