Pepsi Creates ‘DriftWell’ Relaxation Drink

According to, PepsiCo has created a new relaxation drink.


The new product called DriftWell is a relaxation drink that’s supposed to help you de-stress and go to sleep.  It’s calorie-and sugar-free non-carbonated water, flavored with a little bit of blackberry and lavender and contains  200 milligrams of L-theanine and 10% of the daily value of magnesium.


PepsiCo wants to help the caffeinated masses get better sleep with its new relaxation drink

The company that has kept people awake through boring classes and business meetings and fueled millions of mornings after all-night partying now wants to help the caffeinated masses unwind. Today, PepsiCo is launching its newest beverage, the de-stressing and relaxation-promoting Driftwell.