New Coffee Mate Creamers are Coffee-Flavored

While many people use coffee creamers to make their coffee taste a little less like coffee, Coffee Mate has introduced a couple of new creamers for people that actually like the taste of coffee.


That’s right, coffee creamers that taste like coffee!


So, for those that really like the taste of coffee, but would rather their boring cup taste like a more expensive, fancier coffee, Coffee Mate has created “Classic Columbian” and “Italian Espresso” flavored creamers.


The new line of creamers will hit the shelves in 2021.


Coffee Mate Is Releasing A Line Of Coffee Creamers That Taste Like…Coffee

If you’re a person who drinks her coffee black, you might feel a little left out by some of the super exciting creamer options that have come out in stores or have been announced recently. Like, come on, we have to miss out on Funfetti creamer?? And cookies and cocoa??