Acadian Village Tickets Must Be Purchased in Advance for Specific Days This Year

Dude to the COVID-19 outbreak, procedures for Acadian Village will be different this year.


Noel Acadien au Village will be open from December 4 – December 23, 2020, at 200 Greenleaf Drive in Lafayette.  However, tickets will not be sold on location this year.  Tickets must be purchased in advance at your local Shop Rite stores or online and you’ll have to choose a specific day and time frame.


The time frames are 5 pm – 7 pm and 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.  Masks are required and temperatures will be taken at the gate.  Tickets are not required for children 2 years of age and under.  Children will still be able to take pictures with Santa, but will not be allowed to sit in his lap.


You can purchase tickets at the link below: