WATCH: Man Stops Robbers by Spraying Gasoline

A man in Chile was filling his car with gas when a van pulled up, and three guys tried to rob him. 


But they left empty-handed because he immediately yanked the nozzle out of his car and started hosing in them in the face with gasoline.


A security camera got it on video, and the entire thing only lasted 10 seconds.



The first thief jumped out, got a face full of gas, and retreated.  Then a second guy got blasted in the face while he was still climbing out of the van.


The third thief probably got the worst of it, because he was only a few feet away when the guy spun around and started hosing him in the face.  Then he kept spraying gas into their van as they drove off.  So the driver got soaked too.


It’s not clear if cops were able to track them down.


Watch Robbers Attempt To Rob A Guy Pumping Gas And I Bet You Know How Well That Went

I feel like this is the sort of thing any semi-competent robbing team/club/troupe should have been able to see coming. If you’re going to pull up in a van to try and roll some dude pumping gas, you really should realize that your mark will be holding a weapon capable of spraying a noxious, dangerous, highly flammable liquid all over you.