Phil Collins Bids Farewell To Fans; Performs Last Show With Genesis Amid Health Battle

It was an emotional weekend for Phil Collins as he performed for the last time ever with Genesis.


Collins’ health has been in tough shape over the past 15 years due to an injured vertebra in his upper neck, which has caused extensive nerve damage.


During this last tour, he performed on stage while seated in a chair. The 71-year-old joked with the crowd in London during Saturday night’s last show,

“After tonight we all have to get real jobs.”


The Last Domino tour has seen Genesis travel around the U.S. and Europe, with Collins’ son Nic taking over drumming duties from his famous father.


Phil Collins bids emotional farewell to fans at his final concert

Music legend Phil Collins held his last concert ever amid his ongoing health issues. Collins was joined by Genesis bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks for their last show ever at London’s 02 Saturday evening . Collins, 71, performed the show sitting down and quipped to the crowd he will now need to find a real job, the Daily Mail reported .


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